Bore Cleaners & Conditioners

Most rifles & pistols have what is called a rifled bore. It is essential to clean and remove fouling build-up from this bore with a bore cleaner, using a quality phosphor bronze brush.


    TIP:   If cleaning a shotgun, the powder and plastic wad residue build-up, which is not visible to the naked eye, must be removed from the inside of the barrel and choke tubes. Our original MC#7 BORE CLEANER and XTREME CLEAN BORE CLEANER both work very well. We do, however, highly recommend using our SHOTGUN & CHOKE TUBE CLEANER, because of its unique and powerful formula.  It is more effective at melting the plastic wad fouling and much easier and faster to use due to its convenient aerosol package.


Both our MC#7 BORE CLEANER and the SHOTGUN & CHOKE TUBE CLEANER are very effective at cleaning Inline Muzzleloaders and removing the plastic & carbon residue from sabot ammunition.


For heavy lead build-up, we recommend using our LEAD REMOVER solvent.


Shooter’s Choice offers a broad range of firearm maintenance products and bore cleaners, specifically formulated to remove all types of fouling and residue, as well as providing various options for lubrication and protection for your firearm(s).

To achieve maximum results, we recommend the following 4-step guidelines. For those of you who are accustomed to using a C.L.P. (Clean, Lube & Protect product), we recommend using our FP-10™ Lubricant Elite.

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